InfraAsia provide a comprehensive range of Engineering, Project Management and Technical services covering all Railway Core Systems.

Based in Bangkok, we provide a wide-ranging portfolio of professional services to clients throughout Asia including Operators, Government and Main Contractors covering green field Railway Projects, Upgrades and advisory services to existing Operations.

Our senior management team consists of expatriate and regional professionals supported by a solid operations base of qualified engineers. With a core group of both local and expatriate staff permanently based in the region we are well positioned to fulfill our customer's requirements.

At InfraAsia we are also able to provide our clients specialist consulting engineering staff on a secondment basis for both temporary and long-term assignments.

We have a proven track record over 20 years providing services to clients and regional partners in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, India, Dubai, South Africa, and Europe.


InfraAsia provide a comprehensive range of Consultancy, Engineering, Project Management & Technical services covering all Railway Core Systems including:

  • Signalling & Train Control Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • AFC and Ticketing Systems
  • SCADA and Control Systems
  • Traction Power & Infrastructure Power
  • OCC and CTC
  • Platform Screen Doors
  • Rolling Stock
  • Depot Workshop & Equipment

InfraAsia provides services covering the complete project lifecycle:

  • Planning – Preliminary Engineering, Cost Estimation and Tender Preparation
  • Design – Conceptual Planning, Systems and Installation Design
  • Implementation – Installation Works, Supervision, Test and Commissioning, Project & Contract Managment
  • System Assurance / RAMS / Proof of Safety / ICE


An essential part of any project is the Structured, Managed Integration of all the required systems and interfaces, both internal and external over the complete project “Life Cycle”.

InfraAsia has direct experience of Integrating Complex Systems ensuring efficient Operations from a Central Control Center and maintaining strict Safety and Availability requirements.

Test Plan


InfraAsia provides comprehensive Signalling and Train Control project services including:

  • Design
  • Build
  • Test and commissioning
  • Construction Supervision and Management Consultant
  • Independent Checking Engineer

This covers all the current and legacy Technologies both Track-Side and On-Board Vehicle such as:

  • Route Relay Interlocking (RRI)
  • Solid State Interlocking (SSI)
  • Computer Based Interlocking (CBI)
  • Communications Based Train Control (CBTC)
  • Automatic Train Control (ATC)
  • Automatic Train Protection (ATP)
  • Automatic Train Operation (ATO)
  • ETCS – Wayside & Rolling Stock
  • Radio – CBTC WLAN, GSM-R


InfraAsia specialize in advanced, integrated, converged communication solutions for the Railway environment covering optimized, high performance, networks and systems for operational and public information requirements.

We provide a complete portfolio of Technical Consultancy and Project Management services covering the complete project life cycle including:

  • Tender Specification Production
  • Cost Estimation
  • Design & Build
  • Test & Commission
  • Station Operations & Passenger Communications Systems
  • Optical Data Transmission
  • Wireless Network – TETRA / WLAN
  • Train Communications Systems
  • Operations Control Center

Typical Sub-Systems covered include

Train Communication Systems
Wireless Communications


InfraAsia provide AFC consultancy & engineering services including:

  • Project Planning / Management
  • Tender / Bid Preparation
  • Financial / Commercial Model Advice
  • Design
  • Installation, Test and Commissioning Supervision
Our staff have extensive experience on large, complex, inter-model AFC projects including central clearing house systems in Europe and Asia.
This is further enhanced by extensive exposure to and knowledge of all the current AFC systems & equipment suppliers.
Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)


InfraAsia has proven experience in PSD consultancy and engineering services.

  • Project Planning / Management
  • Tender / Bid Preparation
  • Civil / Structure / Rolling Stock interface and coordination
  • Safety planning, advice and coordination
  • Design management, checking and approval
  • Installation, Test and Commissioning supervision and approval
Covering recent PSD projects implemented in Thailand on Blue Line, Purple Line, BTS GLE extensions, Pink & Yellow Line Monorail and HSR planning projects.
Providing technical advice and consultancy on various projects in the ASEAN region during Government Agency preparation, planning and tender preparation.


InfraAsia provides Consulting, Design, Audit and project Supervision Services for Rail Traction and Building Power systems:

  • Traction Power Supply
  • Over Head Catenary System (OCS)
  • Classic / Booster / Auto Transformer
  • Third Rail (DC)
  • Bulk In-Feed
  • 69/110/240kVA
  • AC HV Distribution (24 kV)
  • Building AC LV (240/110 V)
  • Power SCADA
Auxiliaries Power Supply
Auxiliaries Power Supply
Auxiliaries Power Supply


InfraAsia provide Consultancy and Technical services for Rolling Stock Depot and Maintenance Facilities including:

  • Project Planning / Management
  • Tender / Bid Preparation
  • Depot Layout Design
  • Depot Workshop Equipment selection and specification
  • Capacity planning
  • Maintenance Process advice
  • Supporting Systems
  • Building Services
  • Track-work
  • Signalling
  • Telecommunications
Rolling Stock Maintenance Depots
Rolling Stock Maintenance Depots
Rolling Stock Maintenance Depots
Rolling Stock Maintenance Depots
Rolling Stock Maintenance Depots
Rolling Stock Maintenance Depots

InfraAsia has extensive experience of Cost Estimation for complex rail projects encompassing all required systems.
We have developed a proven Rail System Cost Model supported by a reference Database of validated costs. These reference costs are obtained from various sources including past projects, manufactures known costs and published price lists. The model accommodates simple change of system design and equipment quantities to allow analysis of various benchmark scenarios.
The Cost Model has been used & accepted by numerous government bodies, railway operators and main contractors. The total value of these approved Railway Systems Cost Estimates is in excess of 20 Billion USD and for O&M including "Whole Life Cycle" cost estimates in excess of 6 Billion USD.
Data Transmission System (DTS) Cost Estimate
Example – Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) Cost Estimate
Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) Cost Estimate
Budgetary Advisory Services


Bangkok Pink and Yellow Monorail lines

Consultants to for AFC, PSD, Communications and Systems Integration under the project management organization for the current Pink and Yellow monorail lines construction.

BTS Green Line Extensions (South and North Routes)

Consultants for Rail systems covering Project and Technical Management for Main Contractor and Concessionaire for all aspects of the project implementation. Systems included Signalling, Power Supply, Communications, AFC, SCADA, PSD, Depot Workshop Equipment and separate Rolling Stock supply and upgrade projects. Project scope consisted of 2 extensions implemented in 4 phases over 4 year period comprising 31 km elevated double track alignment with 25 stations and 2 depots.

SRT Bangkok to Rayong High Speed Rail Project

Preparation of feasibility study, preliminary design, cost estimate and tender documentation for all Depot requirements of the project and overall responsibility for preparation of Cost Estimate for all Railway E&M Systems. Note this project has since been revised to become the 3 Airports HSR project currently being implemented.

OTP (SRT) Chumphon to Ranong Deep Sea Port Railway Feasibility Study

Preparation of feasibility study, preliminary design, cost estimate for planned new rail link of approximately 130km alignment from east coat SRT main line to Ranong deep sea port for freight and passenger services. Included alignment planning, trackwork, rolling stock, signaling, telecommunications and operations, train timetable planning.

Thailand OTP Integrated Ticketing Services Project

Consultant to Thailand Office of Transport Planning for country wide Integrated Ticketing System comprising Central Clearing House (CCH) to be interfaced to multi-model transport operators ticking systems for central management and financial reciliation of disparate ticketing functions of each operator. Scope covered feasibility study, preliminary design, tender preparation and CCH system implementation contract supervision.

Bangkok Opex Cost Estimate for BTSGIF offer

Preparation of Operations and Maintenance cost projection up to 2030 to be used as supporting financial information for their BTSGIF share offer and subsequent annual updates. Projection included all OPEX items and Capex expenditure for Rolling Stock upgrades / expansion and systems enhancements required to operate the original concession network.

Blue Line, Extensions & Purple Line Maintenance & Railway System Cost Estimates

Preparation of independent cost estimates for the maintenance of existing Blue Line and Purple line building services and civil structures maintenance costs, Purple Line and Blue Line Extension project cost estimates, for financial planning, tender purposes and sub-contractor evaluation.

State Railways of Thailand Makkasan Depot Relocation Feasibility Study

Technical consultancy and project management for feasibility study to relocate the existing Makkasan depot facility to the Khaeng Khoi station yard area. Scope include design of workshop and yard layouts, track & signalling design, work shop equipment specification, maintenance process & workflow development and all cost estimates for Locomotive, DMU and passenger Coach maintenance functions.

Thailand Bangkok MRTA Purple Line

Consultants over a 6 year period for Rail systems aspects of Tender bid preparation and supplier selection to bidding Concessionaire, BEM and project implementation. Systems included Rolling Stock, Signalling, Power Supply, Communications, AFC, SCADA, PSD & Depot Workshop Equipment. After contract awarded to BEM provided project implementation consultancy services from mobilization through to commencement of commercial operations.

Thailand, Bangkok, Blue Line Extension & Blue Line AFC Upgrade.

Planning for modifying and extending the existing Blue Line AFC system to enable inter-operation with the Purple Line. Definition of the AFC system for the Purple Line. Tender review and selection of AFC supplier.

Ho Chi Minh Line 2 Metro Project Technical Advisors to MAUR

As part of the Project Management Services (PMS) consultant group to MAUR providing the Expert Advisory role for the Rolling Stock, Traction Power (third rail), Signalling (CBTC), PSD, SCADA, Control Rooms, Depot Workshop Equipment and Telecommunication systems. Responsibilities include independent review, commentary and advise in respect of all Raul systems documentation produced by the project Implementation Consultants for the planning, design and subsequent construction supervision of the project.

Singapore, Down Town line

Technical Consultant to Thales Singapore providing AFC engineering support to the local office.

BTS Skytrain Sukhumvit Extension Rail Systems

Consultants to Italian Thai Limited during preparation of their Tender Bid and subsequent project implementation. Scope includes Design Management, Commissioning Planning & Supervision and Systems Assurance Management for all rail systems including preparation of Proof of Safety documentation to enable commencement of passenger services.

Australia Gold Coast LRT Tender Bid Due Diligence

Providing Due Diligence review of bidding Consortiums Rail systems on behalf of Lending Bank. Including Expert advice for ITS and preparation of Rail systems Cost Estimate Baseline.

Bangkok Skytrain Digital Radio Upgrade Project

Technical Consultants to Skytrain Operator BTSC for the replacement of their existing Analogue Radio network to a modern TETRA based solution.

Thailand, Bangkok, BTS Extensions AFC for Krungthep Thanakom
      BTS Sukhumvit Line Extension, Section 1 and BTS Silom Line Extension)

The BTS extensions require compatibility with the existing BTS AFC system as well as an interface with the Central Clearing System currently being implemented with Bangkok Metro.

Thailand State Railway Double Tracking Phase 4 & 5 projects

Telecommunication Consultant during preparation of Tender Documentation for both phases and Construction Supervision Consultant for current Phase 4 implementation project.

Thailand, Bangkok, Redline Rail System Tender Preparation for Bidding Consortium

Preparation of the bid documentation for all Rail Systems of the Bangkok Red Line project.

Thailand State Railway Red Line and Airport Rail Link Extension projects

Feasibility Study, Engineering design and cost planning for Communications, Automatic Fare Collection, Signaling, Traction power and OCS.

Thailand State Railway Airport Rail Link Independent Certification Engineer (ICE) Team

Providing ICE specialist services covering Telecommunications, AFC & Mechanical & Electrical systems including all Safety and Operations aspects.

Bangkok Metropolitan Authority & Chang Mai Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) projects

Preliminary engineering and tender document preparation for the AFC and Intelligent Transportation Systems aspects of this radical new concept in rapid bus transportation.

M.R.T. Chaloem Ratchamongkhon (Blue Line) Subway, Bangkok, Thailand

Technical advice and support on M&E systems (Comm's, SCADA, AFC) to MRTA on behalf of the MESC consortium.

Dubai (RTA) Purple Line

Telecommunications Systems Tender & Specification preparation.

Indian Metro Projects (Telecommunication)

Consultancy and technical support including preparation of Cost Estimate base line on Mumbai Monorail, Bangalore Metro, Hyderabad Rail Corridor.

Indian Metros (AFC)

Mumbai Line 1, Bangalore Metro and Delhi Metro Phase 2. Provision of AFC Client consultant and advisory services during complete project life cycles from Tender Planning through to Bringing into Service.

Philippines, Manila LRT Line-1 Capacity Expansion Project

Review of proposed station layouts and for the AFC system including station and central computer systems, AFC gates, Ticket Office systems and Central ticket encoding system.

Johannesburg BRT Project

Independent review of project consultants AFC and Intelligent Transportation Systems tender & specifications for end client (JRA). Preparation of cost estimate baseline for AFC & ITS systems

Netherlands Country Wide AFC System Integration

Provision of System Integration, Test & Commissioning Services during implementation phase.

Thailand, Bangkok Metropolitan Authority & Chiang Mai Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) projects

Preliminary engineering and tender document preparation for the AFC and Intelligent Transportation Systems aspects of this radical new concept in rapid bus transportation.

KCRC Hong Kong Operations & Maintenance Department

Audit of Traction Power Overhead Catenary System Maintenance Operational and Equipment Status.

Bombardier Transportation, Bangkok, Thailand

Upgrade & Replacement of 50 Level Crossings as part of SRT Double Tracking Phase 2 & 3. Including all Engineering Design, Project/Construction management, and Commission.
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